About 2024 “Notice to quit”

About end of lease notices

When a landlord wants to end a tenant’s lease and move out, they need to give the tenant a ‘lease termination notice’. There are different end of lease notices depending on why the landlord wants to end the lease, and each end of lease notice has different requirements. See lease end notices below.

If a tenant receives a lease termination notice and disagrees, the tenant doesn’t have to move. However, the landlord can file an application for eviction with the LTB to remove the tenant. Once the application is filed, the LTB Board will conduct a hearing online, and if the landlord’s request is granted, they can obtain an eviction order.

Conversely, if the tenant wants to end their tenancy, they can do so after providing the landlord with a N9: Tenant’s notice to end the tenancy. In this case, too, either the landlord or the tenant can provide the LTB Board with the appropriate application form and a hearing can be held to settle the dispute. If you and the tenant agree to end the lease amicably, you can end the lease by signing N11: Lease termination agreement.
You will submit the appropriate form to the tenant, landlord, and if no agreement has been reached after a set period of time, you will submit the appropriate form to request a hearing before the LTB Board, see Notice to End Lease below.

N1: Rent Increase Notice
N2: Notice of Rent Increase (some exempt units)
N3: Notice of Rent and Cost Increase for Caregiving Services and Meals
N4: Notice of early lease termination for nonpayment of rent
N5: Lease termination notice for disturbing others, property damage, or overcrowding
N6: Lease termination notice due to illegal activity in the rental unit or income distortion
N7: Lease termination notice due to serious problems in the rental unit or residential complex
N8: Lease termination notice at the end of the contract term
N9: Tenant’s notice to end lease
N10: Rent Increase Agreement Above Guidelines
N11: Lease Termination Agreement
N12: Lease End Notice When Landlord, Buyer, or Family Member Needs the Rental Unit
N13: Lease end notice if the landlord wants to demolish, repair, or convert the rental unit to another use